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Boy Scout Troop 117

Boy Scout Troop 117 was established in 1958, just after Epiphany of Our Lord Parish was formed.  The Troop continues to welcome all boys, ages 10 through 17, from the Whitpain, Plymouth Meeting, Whitemarsh, and Conshohocken areas.  Just like these communities, we are proud to include Scouts from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.  The Troop meets year round on Thursday evening (7:00-8:30pm) at the UFCW Hall, 3031 Walton Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA.


The many benefits of Scouting are distinct from all other youth programs.  These benefits begin with our foundational values expressed in the Scout Oath and Law. Following these guiding principles, we help our Scouts individually develop into self-sufficient young men who understand the capabilities of true teamwork.  As our Scouts mature, they begin to take on real-world leadership opportunities where they plan, coordinate, and direct all Troop activities.  The wilderness is our laboratory and we maximize our learning on monthly camping trips.  These experiences also help us appreciate our natural resources and the environment.  


Imagine your son earning the ability to claim the title ‘Eagle Scout’ on their college applications and resumes.  ‘Eagle Scout’ is one of the most impressive recognitions a young person can receive because it is the result of dedicated work, structured learning, and individual perseverance.  The requirements for Eagle Scout are designed to shape a well-rounded recipient.  They include exploring a variety of topics through merit badges, holding leadership positions, and performing extensive community service.  Over 100 Scouts from Troop 117 have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, an achievement well above the national average. 

We take pride in the academic and athletic prowess of some of our Scouts.  Many of our Scouts participate in the program while simultaneously pursuing other popular interests such as athletics and music.  We encourage the development of their talents and skills.  We are also proud of the Troop’s welcoming environment for boys of all ability levels and interests.  Regardless of capabilities, our Scouts learn more about the world by learning to work together.   


All Troop activities are conducted under the supervision of at least two trained adult leaders. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters have all undergone the Youth Protection training required by Boy Scouts of America and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  Parents are always welcome to observe and/or participate in Troop activities.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Scoutmaster (and Eagle Scout) Michael Hajdak at (610) 420-8356 or

Visit the Troop website.


Michael Hajdak, Scoutmaster


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